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When you are physically unable to work, life can become really difficult very quickly. Not only do you lose your income, but you may also have escalating medical expenses and costly treatments or medications. Gaining help in the form of financial support from the government is becoming more difficult every day, and many people who should be eligible for support are not receiving the benefits they are entitled to.

The team at Wingate & Mitchell, P.C. can ensure that you receive the benefits you are entitled to. Hiring a social security disability attorney will turn this highly complex and technical process into something far more manageable. This is a procedure we perform on a regular basis, and we are well versed in the intricate details, particularly of specific laws pertaining to the Albany, GA region.

Social security disability insurance pays monthly cash benefits to people who have paid enough FICA taxes to qualify and are now unable to work for twelve months due to a disability. Following a waiting period, social security disability eligibility also allows you to receive Medicare benefits, even if you are under the age of 65.

If you are considering applying for social security disability benefits, consider hiring a social security disability attorney. This can be a long and arduous journey, one in which you may wish to hand over to the professionals. We can handle your claim right from the beginning to the very end, and we ensure that the outcome is a positive one for you and your family.

As your social security disability attorney, we are dedicated to making the process of applying for benefits as straightforward as possible, and we will always be on hand to answer any questions and provide all the information you require.

If you are considering hiring a social security disability attorney, look no further than Wingate & Mitchell, P.C. Call today at (229) 435-0021 for a free initial consultation.

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